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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 22, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> hi there and welcome. france 24tching bringing you the latest international news live from paris. refusing to step down, the d'etat sayse coup is military elite will not give up power and defend themselves if attacked. the regular army had called on the leaders to step down. the influx of tens of thousands ministerss is whateu
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are discussing and trying to hammer out a quota system but the czech republic has rejected that proposal. millions of muslims are beginning the annual pilgrimage this tuesday moving from mecca put nearby mina at the start of the six-day event. 2 million people are expected to take part in the pilgrimage. the coming up in this hour, volkswagen environmental scandal , the carmaker says 11 million had the software that rigged tests on emissions and we'll have the latest in business. we will look at the follow-up in scandal in the u.k. as david cameron is the target of allegations. that's coming up.
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hello and thank you for joining us on france 24. eu u.n. refugee agency says proposals to house 120,000 migrants will not be enough alone to stabilize the situation saying that nearly 478,000 people have arrived in europe by sea so far this year. eu countries have to hammer out an agreement on a quota system for sharing the burden between member countries. we go to brussels for the latest. the czech prime minister is refusing to sign on so where does that leave the eu summit? voiceis making sure his
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is heard. the czech government sent a letter to all the eu capitals illegal ands were if the scheme is introduced they will take it to the european court of justice. they are not the only country who thinks like that. romania has said for legal and practical reasons, the quota system is not going to function and one cannot force someone to settle in a country if they don't want to stay. -- has has opposed proposed to this from the start saying it would be an inconvenience for people to come to europe despite the efforts of the luxembourg president. system will not be functioning. reactionsere been any to the hung gary and planned to use rubber bullets and tear gas? spokesperson did not
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refer to that. he said the commission was looking for a holistic approach to this and he said he was concerned by the movements and actions taking place in european quarters but refused to participate in a blame game that he says has been taking place in the last few weeks. this is a failure for the european commission. ministers will spend the whole day in brussels discussing 120,000 people being displaced over two years in what would be proposals watered down from the initial ones. we will see countries not being fined of they decide not to participate in the scheme as the commission wants it into shelley. -- wants it initially. >> thank you very much. thesel follow all
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situations at the brussels summit. an ultimatum has expired. issued by the army to the leaders of last week's coup d'etat, ordering them to surrender and lay down their arms. that has been and gone, the deadline and the regular army said they rose up against the leaders. they seized power last week. we are getting a live update on the situation in the capital of wagadugu. the ultimatum has expired and you are at the presidential palace and the leader of the coup d'etat has been speaking out refusing to step down. >> yes indeed, about an hour ago, we were at the presidential palace and they were expecting a
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statement. it seems the coup d'etat leaders wanted to show the world that the presidency should surrender. is supposed to be a very secure city. a few soldiers from the presidential guard were there as there is a simple -- a single armored vehicle. there was no military deployment from the regular army. also been out and about the streets of the capital. what is happening on the streets? does the regular army look like it's preparing to deploy following the ultimatum? thectually, we just left wagadugu a few moments
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ago. hundreds of people have gathered there in the street nearby the square. the square itself is under the control of the regular army with no access. mainthere, one of the military camps of the country are not so much soldiers. there are a few of them coming and going and no armored vehicles were seen. like they werel taking positions to launch an attack. >> very interesting, thank you very much. bikinakeep an eye on faso. west african countries are holding an emergency summit in nearby nigeria to end that crisis. the regional block proposed a
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deal to end the standoff which would have given amnesty to the coup d'etat leaders. that has already been dismissed by protesters. we have more on that. was rejectedoposal by pope best -- by protesters in the interim president come a deal outlined by regional mediators would offer those behind the coup d'etat amnesty in exchange for returning power to the transitional government headed by michelle kafando. he said he at serious reservations about the 12 point plan saying he had not been consulted before it was announced. members of the group behind the protest are trying to reach accord. told to forgive those who deliberately killed our comrades. we cannot agree to that. >> we don't trust the african
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union. we want to take control of our destiny. the people do not agree with what is happening. they kill unarmed civilians and expect us to keep quiet. >> the plan will be formally presented to west african heads of state. forncludes provisions presidential parliamentary elections to be held november 22 and will allow those loyal to the longtime president, ousted in a popular uprising last year, to stand in the election. >> we will bring you any developments from that nation, bikina faso. has been sworn into office and he will unveil his new government lineup. he has pledged he will get his
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country back on track. are committed to do anything in our power to do anything so the country can put this hardship behind us. for us to become powerful again and an equal partner in the european union, our people to be proud and dignified. >> pope francis has arrived in cuba in sent he i go. is the final leg of his historic trip to the caribbean island. before he goes to the united states. his role in restoring ties between cuba and the u.s. is instrumental. >> touchdown and sent he i go and another rockstar welcome for pope francis. thousands of faithful and government and religious officials waited to welcome the pontiff. he had praised the sacrifices of the catholic church in cuba. they do charitable work on the island.
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thousands of people lined the streets. even the rain could not dampen their spirits. >> we are all very emotional. his mercy is already spilling out after these days of drought so there, francis has arrived. faith for a people to change and i hope my granddaughter will have better chance with the pope's visit. in brokering a thaw between the u.s. and cuba has added to his popularity. the pope will leave to go to the united states where his itinerary includes stops at the white house, the u.s. congress, and the u.n. general assembly. >> hundreds of thousands of muslim pogroms around the world this thursdayaj
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on what is known astawija day. 2 million people will take part in the pilgrimage. >> thousands of pilgrims a, the moste cab sacred site. 1.4 million muslims from around the world have poured into the holy city of mecca to mark the start of the haj./ for many, the pilgrimage is a way to honor their lost ones. >> i feel very happy that gives me a chance to fulfill the hopes of my daughter who passed away. she was religious and wanted to perform the haj so i am happy to fulfill her wishes. >> this one is special. years my wife and five after, i lost my father. i came here to pay for them and to find peace in my house.
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>> nearly 2 million pilgrims are expected this year making security a major issue. saudi authorities say they are in high alert for possible terrorist attacks. cameras have been set up to watch over the pilgrims and 100,000 security personnel have been deployed around the city. the kingdom has been targeted by terrorists this year. we are concentrating heavily on the security of pilgrims at the holy mosque and taking these threats very seriously. >> saudi authorities have mobilized 25,000 health care workers to face another challenge, preventing the spread of a deadly virus known as mers. in 2012,was detected saudi arabia has been the most affected with more than 500 --. deaths. refusing to step down, the
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leader of the coup d'etat in will testo says he his people will defend themselves if attacked. how to handle the influx of tens of thousands of migrants is what eu ministers are discussing this tuesday, trying to hammer out a quota system to share out housing the migrants. it has been rejected by the czech prime minister. the volkswagen scandal is spreading to europe as french carmakers have back to call for carmaker to answer to anti-pollution measures. in business news, stephen carroll is with me in the studio. this is a huge story, the scandal at volkswagen. they had been hiding emissions from cars and this keeps getting bigger. right, boats now says 11 million cars worldwide were
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fitted with that software designed to cheat environmental tests. much bigger than a half a million cars that were recalled by the company in the united states over this issue. is settingsays it aside 6.5 billion euros -- volkswagen says it is setting aside 6.5 billion euros. the shares are tumbling further. they are down over 17% in frankfurt in trading. that $130.rice open 15 billion euros was knocked off of their value. many countries are launching their own investigations from the volkswagen cars. the head of american business said they made a big mistake. in my german words, we
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totally screwed up. >> after seeing billions wiped out of the value, the volkswagen head of american operations talked about this. >> our company was dishonest with the epa and the california resources board and all of you. we must fix those cars, the cars would prevent this from happening again and we have to make things right. >> the scandal emerged in the united states but is now started inquiries in europe and asia. >> i think we need to investigate at the european level. the company operates in the european market. it needs to be respected there. >> the mass deception was uncovered by outside experts who carried out their own tests. i found that volkswagen used a sophisticated computer program to detectinformation whether it's undergoing an emissions test to give it a clean result. >> they know what questions will
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be on the exam before the exam happens and we saw huge discrepancies. one vehicle was 15-30 times emissions level. >> the scandal hit volkswagen hard. a 2% market share, the biggest european carmaker is number 14 in america. the epa once the latest models to be recalled as well. other countries are beginning to look more closely at the volkswagen car and the damage to the brand could spread further. widery are calling for a investigation from the french foreign minister. we are seeing carmaker shares falling across europe after those comments were made. audi is down over 30% in germany today.
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it's carrying over to what's happening in european shares generally. all stocks are down significantly over this scandal. look at more of the business stories today. will put its shares on the stock market. million drivers in six countries worldwide. the french private regulator has rejected an appeal of google over its right to be forgotten rule. the internet giant thought to limit its application to its french websites. must multiply it to all domain names. google must allow photos that relate to people. apple could launch an electric car by 2019.
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has tripled the number of staff working on the so-called titan project. apple has been working on designing a car for more than a year now. shows who, a study likes to mix business and pleasure. they have examined u.s. sense census data for 30,000 american couples. they wanted to see who's most likely to marry each other. the highest percentage of interprofessional marriage is 25%. by management,d sales, education and health care. the difference between the genders is interesting. if you are a minority in your
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profession, you are likely to marry someone in the same area like women who are in construction and 30% will marry someone in construction. it's the same in education. any data on journalists? >> we are in the top 10 but only 11%. >> but not as much as teachers. interesting, i wonder why that is. anyway, let's leave it there and thank you very much. it's time for a look at what's been making headlines around the world. let's take a look at what's been grabbing headlines around the world. talked about the volkswagen emissions scandal. >> there is shock and emotion in the german press.
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they talk about a crisis of confidence and unanswered questions. until now, the german carmaker has had a good track record. knew whatto know who and why is the company reacting so late? lots of other german papers are focusing on what this means for the reputation of german carmakers in general. they talk about the fact that german cars are known across the world for their good quality and they are safe and they were recently known to be environmentally friendly. this cheating scandal is not only bad for volkswagen but ruining the whole made in germany brandon general. this is a huge story in the french press as well. i picked out one article which says this is a blow for volkswagen but it's also a blow for the clean diesel label in general.
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can they be trusted after this scandal? >> there are big repercussions. focusing on the situation in syria and there is a meeting with vladimir putin and benjamin netanyahu. >> it is getting attention in the russian press. there is a photo of that meeting. papers areer wondering what russia is up to in syria and white they are boosting their naval base -- and why they are boosting their naval base. article,k at another it also wonders where vladimir putin is leading the middle east beyond his clear goal of saving syrian president asaad. the u.s. papers are keeping a close eye on syria? >> there is a photograph of that
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meeting on the front page of "the wall street journal." it is focusing on how russia is teaming up with iran. they are talking about the syrian allies are coordinating several high-profile meetings including secret meetings that have taken place between russian and iranian officials. this makes president obama look very weak. they are talking about the vladimir putin taking the upper hand. that's according to "the wall street journal." >> the u.s. media is focusing on the u.s. -- the first official
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state visit by the chinese president. is a seven-day visit that will start in seattle. is aeepless in seattle" big hit in china so maybe that's why he is starting there. >> he starting on a romantic note. sayshe washington post" there are tensions between the u.s. and china over packing, cyber plundering, and the limits of u.s. firms'access to chinese markets. the chinese president gives an interview to "the wall street slidel" today since the in u.s. stocks this summer. he defends the chinese intervention during that slump chinese though the economy is slowing down, he will continue reforms. this visit is a big story in
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the chinese press? >> it's on the front page of "china daily." its editorial, it calls on everyone to play nice and avoid the usual traps and build on china-u.s. trust. you can see the political cartoon has a photo album with a photo missing perhaps that they might take during the trip. we will go to a very different story which is making waves in the u.k. and on the internet. and on -- an unauthorized biography of david cameron has come out with shocking allegations. dave." called ?" call me is serializingl" this book.
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one section of the book talks about his student days allegations of drug taking and sexual promiscuity and an episode that involved a pig.
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>> this is a production of china central television america. >> have you ever asked yourself, what could i do to make an impact in the world? well, this week on "full frame," we'll meet newsmakers, innovators, and social entrepreneurs who are answering that question with creative new approaches to philanthropy. i'm mike walter in los angeles. let's take it full frame.


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